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((Trigger warning: Drug use))

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Pocket!lock.

Stranger: Life was hard for a borrower, John had decided. But he figured it was easier for those who didn’t borrow from 221 B. The small man scaled the kitchen wall with a stray phone charger, panting by the time he got to the top of the counter. John pushed his way through a few of the case files that the human he shared with had left around and finally found the sugar bowl. “Oh finally!”, he called out but panicked when he heard the door open. What was the Human doing home this early?!

You: Sherlock walked into the flat in exasperation. Another case, another day, another evening of ridicule. Nevermind that he solved the case for them, Lestrade’s team still mocked him. He would never admit that it bothered him, however, for it was just one more insult flung in his direction. He was the target of them regularly. What was another? He moved to the bookcase to the left of the fireplace, removing a book from its shelves and moving to the kitchen table. Opening it, he revealed the hollow pages, and the means by which he would dull his mind. He moved towards the counter to get the sanitizer to clean his arm when he stopped in his tracks, an unexpected sight catching his eye.

((It can be patches, it doesn’t have to be drugs if you don’t want it to be. I’m sorry, but Sherlock sans John is a sad man in my head. Heh.))

Stranger: (( I love it. And drugs is fine with me haha)) John looked around in panic as he saw the tall man catch him in his gaze. The borrower looked around and ended up climbing into the sugar pot, hoping the man would just take it as a drug enduced hallucination. He sat in the sugar and held his head. “Oh no, no, no!”, he chanted in worry. He would have to find a new home now! Where the hell was he supposed to go!? They only place he’d ever lived was this flat! He peaked out of the glassware with a furrowed brow, begging silently for the human to leave.

You: The sugar had been moved. He had not left the lid like that when he had last made coffee, and Mrs. Hudson had long since given up on getting supplies from his kitchen. Stepping toward the container, he lifted the lid, his face etched with confusion, heavy bags very visible on the too-jaunt face. When he caught sight of the small man, he arched a brow in the air. Well, he certainly had not hallucinated /this/ before. “…Good evening.”

Stranger: John felt the lid lift up from above his head and almost screamed in terror. “Oh! Don’t hurt me! Don’t feed me to a cat! Let me go!”, he yelled in an attempt to ward off the non-existent threat that the man imposed. “Just let me…. Go?”, he looked around and then up to the man in confusion. Why hadnt the human tried to swat at him yet…?

You: ((How big is John?))

Stranger: (( Uhm… About the size of Sherlock’s hand ))

You: Sherlock placed the lid aside, taking in the sight of the much smaller man within his sugar container, listening to him as he protested for his life. “I have no intent to harm you, nor do I own a cat. Although I can imagine that would be a risk for a man of your size. Now, can you get out of my sugar?”

Stranger: ”Oh… Uh…. Yeah…..”, John spoke shakily as he climbed out of the jar and looked for an escape. “You don’t want to hurt me? Or cut me open…?”, he asked and adjusted his ratty sweater. “Or throw me out a window?”, he thought through the list of things his father had told him happened to Borrowers who were caught.

You: He had had quite intricate trips before, but never this long after having shot up - it had been days, literally - and never like this. “…You actually exist,” he realized softly, ducking down so he was more eye to eye with the smaller man, taking in every detail about him.

Stranger: John back away a bit, clutching his safety pin sword tightly. “O-Of course I actually exist!”, he protested as he felt his back hit the wall behind him. His dark eyes looked Sherlock over curiously. He’d never been this close to a human before.

You: Sherlock looked at him carefully before straightening and moving to the fridge. He looked over the contents rapidly and took out a bowl of mixed fruit that must have been Mrs. Hudson’s doing. Removing the lid, he set both the bowl and the lid on the counter, getting some of the fruits and setting it on the lid so the smaller man wouldn’t have to climb into it. “Eat, you are hungry.”

Stranger: John watched him before turning to leave. He was just about to slide down the phone charger when he caught the fruit in the corner of his eye. Oh… This was bad… But the fruit looked so good. The man walked over and sat beside the lid, picking up a large strawberry and taking a happy bite. “I’m John, by the way…”, he spoke and wiped the red juice from his lips.

You: The strawberry was nearly a third of his height. When the man sat, Sherlock decided to do the same, grabbing a chair to sit alongside the counter. “Sherlock Holmes,” he replied softly. He paused for a moment or two. “You have been here awhile. Longer than I, in fact.”

Stranger: John took a few more bites of the strawberry before sighing contently. “Much longer than you! Thirty five years!”, he explained and set the berry down. “I was here when that other human lived up here with her husband!”, he referred to Mrs. Hudson.

You: ”Mrs. Hudson. She’s downstairs now. He’s dead, however,” Sherlock replied, finding that this was a far more interesting evening than what he had originally planned.

Stranger: ”Oh… I’m sorry to hear that…”, John frowned and picked a piece off of a pineapple cube. “Oh! You’re out of tissue paper”, he commented as a sort of reminder.

You: ”Do not be, it was earned.” But at the comment about needing tissues, Sherlock’s brows shot. “…Right. Of course.” Sherlock paused to think for a moment. “…Have you ever been outside the flat, John?”

Stranger: ”Oh no! It’s dangerous even coming out here!”, he explained and frowned. “Once, I tried to explore the rock ground outside! And I almost got stepped on!”, he shook his head. “It’s awful out there…”.

You: Sherlock looked almost disappointed at John’s fear, finding that it must be incredibly dull to live within the same walls for thirty five years. “Oh. Because I was going to offer a trip to the store if you were interested in it.”

Stranger: ”…. A trip to the store…?”, he asked curiously. “Is that where you go to borrow things?”, his tone was confused and his brows furrowed.

You: ”Purchase things, in fact. An exchange of one thing for another. Surely you have seen some metal coins about? That is currency, and it has worth. You give it to others in exchange for product. Come, certainly the telly has been left on at times for you to be somewhat familiar with the world?”

Stranger: ”…. I don’t usually hear anything from my home…”, he mumbled in honesty. “I just know my way of life, Mr. Holmes”, the borrower crossed his arms, “Thats the safest way to be”.

You: ”Will you show me? Your home, that is. If nothing else so I can be more careful in the area. I imagine you have noticed I… create a mess at times.” He extended his palm out, holding it flat against the countertop, presuming that it was much closer to the floor than the counter was.

Stranger: ”Oh… Uhm… Sure…”, he stood up and walked over to stand on the man’s palm. “Okay… So it’s up there!”, he called out and pointed to the cow skull hung up on the wall.

You: ((omg, last place I expected LOL))

Stranger: (( That means I did something right! ))

You: Sherlock looked startled at the declaration, but crossed the kitchen and sitting room to head towards the far wall, setting his hand alongside the cord from the headphones, right by the skull, waiting for John to show him precisely where his home was.

Stranger: John held the chord tightly and began to climb up it. “It’s in there!”, he asked as he climbed into the eye of the skull. “You’ll have to take it off the hook to really see it”, he called from inside the wall.

Stranger: He yelled*

You: Sherlock waited a moment or two before reaching to remove the skull from the hook, no longer certain what to expect.

Stranger: On the inside of the wall, and covered by a skull was a small, loft style flat. John stood in it proudly and smiled, “I made it myself!”. He looked back to the small window he had placed into the foundation. “See, here’s a few of the things I’ve borrowed from you”, he showed his small collection which contained a few syringes, a roll of torn wallpaper, a container of ink and a folded up rag. “That’s just the stuff that was extra…”.

You: When Mrs. Hudson had told him he was not to move that skull from the wall, the last thing he expected was this. Although now he was convinced that she knew about him. It would not surprise him in the least. “…This is most impressive,” Sherlock admitted, surprised by how much the little man had managed to accomplish. He spotted the syringes and winced, reaching out to pluck them away. “Dangerous, for you to mess with these.”

Stranger: John beamed at the compliment and smacked at Sherlock’s hand. “Just as dangerous as they are for you, Sherlock!”, he explained and shook his head. “I just used the needle parts for protection when I need it”.

You: ”No, I mean, for a man of your height, even a prick of these… I must insist, they are not safe for you,” he emphasized. “I can fetch you some safety pins if you need them, or perhaps an unused needle or two. But these…” These had been his discards, and he knew they had to still contain some undesirable elements.

Stranger: ”Oh fine, fine”, he spoke stubbornly and let the man take the needles. “You really should stop that bad habit you have”, he commented. “Sometimes I go out on a borrowing and you don’t even react to me… You look dead, Mr. Holmes!”.

You: Sherlock simply shrugged, gathering up the needles wordlessly. “It dulls the mind. I would go mad otherwise,” he admitted. “And please, it’s Sherlock.”

Stranger: ”Sounds kind of awful, Sherlock…”, John spoke honestly and sat in the play-furniture chair he had stolen. “You should find something better to do!”, the borrower suggested.

You: ”I do not need a lecture from a person who is terrified to leave the /flat/,” Sherlock shot back, his expression turning angry. Grabbing the skull, he placed it back on the hook and stormed back into the kitchen, disposing of the needles safely.

Stranger: John nearly fell back as Sherlock insulted him. “No need to be rude!”, he yelled out of the skull and huffed. The borrowed moved to slide down the headphones and shook his head, “I WAS JUST TELLING YOU WHAT I THOUGHT!”.

You: Sherlock could still hear the man, despite the distance between them. He shook his head, reaching for his supplies in his book. Rolling up his sleeve revealed various track marks; he took out the rubber tube and began to tie it off around his upper arm.

Stranger: ”I thought you were going to take me to the store!”, John called and frowned. “Not sit around and get all… Whatever it is you’re doing!”. John shook his head and climbed down the desk below him and peeled up a piece of wallpaper. “I’m going to tell the other human about this!”.

You: Clenching his teeth, Sherlock knew he was doing this out of anger. He could not stand it when someone told him /not/ to do something, especially when they didn’t know better. He began to make his 7% solution and loaded up the needle, injecting himself swiftly with a soft hiss. He put everything in the book and put it away on the shelf before heading over to the couch, curling up on his side with his back to the sitting room.

Stranger: John was about to go find Mrs. Hudson but couldnt pull himself to even step into the older woman’s flat. He moved across the floor and to the couch. He scaled the coach and then the man’s back, frowning. “Sherlock?”, he asked and looked him over. “Sherlock… I’d like to see what a store looks like”.

You: From his spot on the couch, Sherlock started to tremble faintly, twisting his eyes shut. “Leave me alone, John,” he whispered. Quiet. He needed quiet.

Stranger: ”…. can you at least take me back to my flat…?”, he asked and sat on the man’s shoulder. “Or is that too much trouble for you…?”.

You: For a few moments, it almost seemed like it might be. But instead, he rose carefully, bringing a hand up to cradle his shoulder so John could not fall as he straightened. Once John was on Sherlock’s hand, he rose from the couch slightly unsteadily and moved to the table, leaning on it heavily before extending a hand out to the skull. John barely managed to step into the eye socket before Sherlock stumbled away, collapsing on the couch once more.

Stranger: John frowned as he looked at Sherlock from his own. It was so confusing why the human felt the need to do that to himself. The small man sighed and shook his head. He’d never truly understand the man’s intentions, and he wasnt sure if he he wanted. So there he sat for the rest of the night, attempted to write in his journal whilst worrying about his ‘flatmate’.

You: Sherlock spent the majority of the evening trembling, then shedding the majority of his clothes as began to sweat, only to start trembling once more shortly thereafter. It was quiet though, blissfully quiet. So he ignored his body’s responses, the groans, the trembles, the protests, and listened to the blissful silence instead. A few hours into it, he managed to lull himself to sleep, his cheeks dampened with tears.

Stranger: John decided to go to bed, but after he checked on Sherlock. Oh this was not good. “Tomorrow morning… We’re gonna work on that…”, he spoke to himself and grabbed the rag he used for a blanket. He set up his bed and ended up passing out as soon as he closed his eyes. Today was exhausting.

You: Sherlock slept for hours, having only run on coffee for some days, going well into morning. When he finally began to stir, it was nearly noon. Groaning, he began to rise, stretching his body out for the first time since he’d collapsed on the couch and curled up onto it, his thin body protesting as his bones snapped back into a more comfortable position.

Stranger: John was already in the kitchen struggling to make tea for the two of them. His soft cursing could be heard from the living room as he poured Sherlock’s tea into a cup a tablespoon full at a time.

You: Frowning, he could swear he heard something coming from the kitchen. Rising, he padded over, startled by the sight before him. So the man /had/ been real. He took the spoon from him carefully once it was empty and poured himself the cup properly. “…How…?” He shook his head. “No matter. Thank you.”

Stranger: John looked up at the slender man and nodded triumphantly, taking his own soda cap full of tea and humming softly. “Good morning, sunshine”, he spoke eventually as he sat on the edge of the counter and took a sip of the, now cold, tea.

You: Sherlock grunted slightly, moving over to the chair and sitting with a sigh, feeling and looking like death warmed over. He sipped at the tea, not caring that it was tepid, his body savoring the fact that something real was being put into it.

Stranger: ”You slept an awful long time”, John pointed out and frowned. “I was up with the sun this morning, and I had time to make the tea /AND/ go borrow from the other human”.

You: ”Catching up,” Sherlock replied curtly, rubbing his closed eyes as his brain began to reboot itself. The quiet was over, it was back to reality.

Stranger: ” You should probably get more sleep then”, John stated simply and gulped down the rest of his tea. “It seems like that’s what you need and you rarely use your bedroom for it… Why is that?”.

You: Sherlock shrugged, not wanting to admit to the man that waking up with creaks in his neck was a reminder that he was alive. He couldn’t get those creaks in a bed. He sipped the tea, blinking at the bowl that remained on the counter and reached for it, taking some fruit from it and eating slowly, not wanting to shock his stomach with it.

Stranger: ”So! Where are you going today?”, John asked adventurously. Today was the day! He was going to leave the flat, one way or another. “Can you take me to the store? Oh! Or somewhere else!”.

You: Sherlock looked at the man, frowning faintly. “…You… want to leave?” The man had seemed so terrified of it yesterday.

Stranger: ”Course I do! I’m thirty five years old! I’m not getting any younger!”, he stated enthusiastically. “It’s better sooner than later, you know”.

You: The thought brought a slow smile to Sherlock’s face, realizing he had a new adventure before him: introducing John to the world. “…The park, then. Store might be overwhelming.”

You: ((Stranger, I’m sorry, but I really need to go to bed. This was awesome though. Tumblr exchange? I’d love to try to coordinate to meet up with you here again sometime.))

Stranger: (( of course! My tumblr is allaboardthefreedomcouch. What’s yours? :3 ))

You: ((coatandscarf here :) ))

Stranger: (( okie dokie. I’ll put it in my tags and maybe we’ll meet up again. If not, you can always message me on tumblr. :3))

You: ((Ditto! You have a good night! :D))

Stranger: (( you too! Sleep well)$

You have disconnected.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Pocket!lock.

You: ((Hi! Got a prompt? :D))

Stranger: (( I do! Just lemme go get it :3))

Stranger: Life was hard for a borrower, John had decided. Even harder for one who borrowed from 221 B. The five inch tall man continued to scale the stray phone charger until finally reaching the counter. “Sugar, sugar…”, he mumbled to himself and looked around, smiling when he finally found the small lidded bowl. Everything was working well until he heard the door open. What was the human doing home this early?!

You: ((Wait, we’ve played before! Where John has his house in the skull?))

Stranger: (( Oh

Stranger: (( oh my god! Yeah! 8D ))

You: (( http://coatandscarf.tumblr.com/post/42415233157/pocketlock-rp ))

Stranger: (( wanna continue it? :3 ))

You: ((Sure!))

You: You: Sherlock looked at the man, frowning faintly. “…You… want to leave?” The man had seemed so terrified of it yesterday.

Stranger: ”Course I do! I’m thirty five years old! I’m not getting any younger!”, he stated enthusiastically. “It’s better sooner than later, you know”.

You: The thought brought a slow smile to Sherlock’s face, realizing he had a new adventure before him: introducing John to the world. “…The park, then. Store might be overwhelming.”

Stranger: ” Thats where all the squirrels live right?”, the borrower man asked and ran a hand through his hair. “My dad used to tell me about it, I think”, he explained and adjusted his sweater.

You: “Yes, amongst other things. Needless to say, you’re not to leave my line of sight while we are there. Frankly, I would rather you not leave my shoulder,” he remarked, popping a grape into his mouth. “But first, a shower.” He rose, feeling slightly unsteady but gathered himself up as he walked towards the loo.

Stranger: ” well, alright. I don’t think I’d want to get down anyway”, John shrugged. “I’d rather come back to the flat in one peace, believe it or not!”, he laughed and snorted.

You: Sherlock hummed in acknowledgement before disappearing into the bath. Some time later, he exited with only a towel before padding his way into the bedroom. When he exited, he looked his usual immaculate self, with the exception of the bags under his eyes. He brushed a stray piece of lint off his jacket before looking for John. “John?”

Stranger: John had slipped down his phone charger ladder after Sherlock had left and went to go change. The blonde went to a loose pipe and ran some of the water droplets through his hair and over his face. “Today’s going to be a good day…”, he smiled in front of his broken mirror piece. “Be right there!”, he replied when the detective called his name. He slid down his headphones and smiled, showing his blue striped shirt and what looked like a pair of jeans stolen from a barbie doll.

You: ((omg mental image TOO CUTE))

You: He looked down at him with careful consideration and grabbed his scarf, tying it around his neck. “Would you prefer to be in my scarf or in my coat pocket?” He asked, slipping on his coat to show him where he would be perched, motioning to the pocket under his waist.

Stranger: (( that means I’m doing somethin’ right! >w<))

Stranger: “Uhm… I’d rather like to talk to you. So scarf please!”, he called out and stepped to the edge of the desk for Sherlock to help him up. “If that’s not too much trouble, I mean”.

You: Sherlock held a hand out for John to climb aboard, placing him on his shoulder so John could climb into the folds of his scarf. “Let me know when you are ready. Should you need to get my attention in case of an emergency, I suppose you could pull at my hair.”

Stranger: John steadied himself on Sherlock’s hand, sighing when he was placed on the man’s shoulder. “Alright, I’m ready”, he called out and climbed into the scarf, sitting comfortably against Sherlock’s neck.

You: He walked out of the flat and made his way down the street, trying not to jostle the small man against his neck as he walked.

Stranger: John looked around the street, scanning the entire environment in awe. “Oh wow, Sherlock….”, he spoke to the man as he steadied himself.

You: Sherlock stopped at the corner, allowing John to simply look around. “It is a big world out here,” he remarked honestly.

Stranger: “it’s so much bigger than the flat…”, he spoke softly and pulled his knees up against his chest. “I didn’t think it was this big”.

You: Sherlock reached up to run a finger along John’s hair in a comforting gesture. “Do not worry, John, I will not allow you to be harmed.”

Stranger: John frowne lightly as his hair was ruffled by the finger. “You better not! Or I’ll have to get you and cut you with my sword”, he huffed and leaned against the man more for comfort.

You: A warm chuckle was John’s response, and Sherlock began to move once more, explaining various things as he walked. What cars were, what the differences between buildings were, along with a few basic things.

Stranger: “That’s… Wow!”, he was nearly speechless at the entire thing. “And the cars take you places? Faster? Wow!”, he was nearly bouncing up and down with a childlike excitement.

You: “We will take a cab back home so you can see how that works,” Sherlock promised, making his way towards the park.

Stranger: “Oh Sherlock! This is brilliant!”, John laughed and looked down from the scarf to everything on the cement. “So what do people do at the park?”, he asked with a raised brow.

You: “Exercise, walk, eat, relax, walk their dog, play. There are a wide variety of activities that take place there,” he explained.

Stranger: “Huh….. That’s weird”, the borrower commented as he scanned the area. “And they all have flats too?”, he wondered quietly.

You: “Or proper homes,” Sherlock remarked, entering the park and making his way down the path.

Stranger: “Why don’t you have one of those?”, he asked curiously and looked at the trees and grass around him. “I would think someone like you would need one”.

You: “Why would I need one? I would not have Mrs. Hudson if I had one. Nor would I have met you,” he pointed out.

Stranger: “But then maybe you might sleep on your bed”, John frowned and sighed. “Maybe you wouldn’t have to get into that needle stuff either”.

You: Sherlock sighed. “The needle stuff keeps me entertained. I cannot handle boredom. And I get bored very easily,” he explained.

Stranger: “And if i keep you entertained…. Will you stop doing that?”, he asked with a large frown. “Because I know that stuff isn’t good. And I also know that it’s ruining you”.

You: “John, I seriously doubt you can keep me entertained,” Sherlock remarked, not able to see him from her perch, but glancing sideways at him.

Stranger: “I’ll prove you wrong!”, he called out with a huff. “I don’t want you doing that anymore!”, he frowned, “I’ve had very strong opinions about it for a while, and now that I can talk to you, I’m going to tell you about them!”.

You: Sherlock sighed. “John, you are not my mother, I do not want to hear it.”

Stranger: “Yes but I’m your friend!”, he protested as slammed his fist on the man’s shoulder. “You need to stop!”.

You: Sherlock winced at the pinch-like effect. “John, please, drop it.”

Stranger: “Fine… But I want it out of the flat…”, he huffed and leaned against the skinny man. “I’m sorry I cant make you stop…”.

You: “Why would it matter to you?” He remarked, finding an isolated park bench and taking a seat, bringing a hand up to encourage John to get out of the scarf if he would like to.

Stranger: “Because I’m your friend, and I know you’re more brilliant than you give yourself credit for”, he spoke honestly and crawled onto Sherlock’s hand.

You: Sherlock lowered him onto his lap, keeping his hands cupped together in case John didn’t want to leave his hands. “I need stimulus. Or else I need silence. It helps me with that when nothing else does.”

Stranger: ” well… I still don’t like it…”, John crossed his arms as he sat on the man’s lap. “Let’s just stop it… Because I know you won’t listen…”.

You: He shook his head. “Yes, fine.” He motioned to the lake before him. “Ever seen a proper lake before?”

Stranger: “Nope…. Only in pictures…”, he frowned and rested his head on his hand. “It’s lovely…”.

You: Sherlock shifted to sit in the grass, moving to settle him down on the grass before him so he’d see what that was like.

Stranger: John touched one of the blade curiously, smiling happily as he fell back into the dirt. “This is brilliant!”, he called out as he laughed.

You: A slow smile spread on his face at the sight, actually happy to see John so content.

Stranger: John walked in the grass and found a small catepillar, “Sherlock! What’s this?!”.

You: “It’s called a caterpillar,” he informed him.

Stranger: “What does it do?”, he asked as he scooped it up in his arms like a house cat.

You: ((Hehe this just came up on my dash. http://25.media.tumblr.com/d829c1c4c4d1d18e224f806c4ea2846b/tumblr_mhvyvra1WC1rkgngmo1_500.jpg ))

You: Sherlock chuckled softly. “Be careful with it. It might bite.”

Stranger: “So it bites?”, he asked as he ran a hand over the catepillar.

You: “It eats leaves. I doubt it thinks you’re a leaf.”

Stranger: “Well… It’s very cute…”, he spoke honestly as he walked over to a stray leaf and set the caterpillar down beside it.

You: The sight was actually rather heartwarming, and Sherlock chuckled softly once more.

Stranger: John looked around the field and raised a brow to everything. “This is so cool…”, he smiled , “Why didnt i leave the flat sooner!”.

You: “Because no one has taken you out thus far?” Sherlock thought it was fairly obvious.

Stranger: “Oh… Right!”, John hummed and crawled back up the man’s thigh to sit on his lap again. “This is nice, Sherlock…”.

You: “It is a nice change of pace,” Sherlock admitted, curling his hand around John protectively.

Stranger: John leaned on the man’s hand and smiled, “If we did this every day, would you stop…?”.

Stranger: (( I have to take my leave, dear. ))

You: ((No worries. We’ll continue another time, hopefully!))

Stranger: (( I’ll be looking forward to it! Bye! :3))

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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