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Welcome aboard - Please, could you help me?

So, first off, welcome to all the newcomers that joined since yesterday! Good God, I thought 50 followers was shocking, now that the number is increasing I’m even more floored!

But because I have such lovely followers, I want to know how I can improve, and am looking for some suggestions!

For those very new followers, let me explain my queue format. I make sure to fill my queue with personal favorites or things I just think are amusing/lovely/gorgeous (and no, not just Benedict, although he fits all these things). I also follow themes to make everyone’s week better!

  • Monday: “#Martinday" - Because whose workweek doesn’t start off better with a little Martin Freeman in it?
  • Tuesday: “#Fanart" Day - Because this fandom is absolutely incredible, and the fanart needs to be highlighted!
  • Wednesday: “#Benesday" - Because there’s no better way to get past Humpday than… I’m not finishing that thought. Needless to day, Wednesday is filled with Benedict Cumberbatch in all his goodness.
Where I need your help is what to do the rest of the days! Perhaps one day dedicated only to Sherlock gifs? A day for the “sidekicks”? Please, let me know! My ask box is open, or you can reblog this and let me know, whatever is easier! All suggestions are welcome!
As Sherlock said: Please could you help me?
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  1. stravaganza said: Maybe a Thursday/ Doctorday? :3 Or any other fandom you are into. Most Sherlockians are into loads of other fandoms!
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