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Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman Complete 2013年 09月号-2



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Benedict Cumberbatch in his 2013 short, 'Little Favour'

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If you think you're safe at warp, you're wrong.

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So that prompt about John having surgery and waking up with temporary amnesia and hitting on Sherlock as Captain John H. Watson was making the rounds again. I had to try.

You: (temporary amnesia from a routine operation thanks to the medication) John woke up groggy, blinking up at the lights. He felt disoriented, his mouth dry. He coughed, cleared his throat, and began to stir to take in his surroundings. Hospital. This was a hospital, definitely. What was he in the hospital for?

Stranger: Sherlock let out relived sigh when John started to stir. He smiled at the blonde, reaching out to give his hand a gentle squeeze. “Welcome back.” He said with a sigh. “How are you feeling?”

You: John took in the sight of the brunette, finding him instantly attractive but utterly unfamiliar. He cleared his throat again and made a motion of needing water, his eyes never leaving the other man.

Stranger: Sherlock reached for the pitcher of water, pouring John a glass. “Here, sit up slowly.” He mumbled, helping John into a sitting position before he handed him the cup.

You: Wincing a bit, he sat up carefully at the brunette’s prompting and took the cup. Drinking from it, he began to feel much better, the dryness satisfied. Even some of the dizziness faded. But he couldn’t keep his eyes off the man. God, that was an attractive nurse. Doctor? Whoever he was, he was handsome. “You probably get this a lot from your patients, but boy, I feel like I woke up to an angel,” he remarked, giving him the best charming smile he could muster just then.

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