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Martin is the master at looking like a sad lost puppy


the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

Emergency Commissions or Donations Needed





I did not get enough hours this month to pay my bills. As of right now I needed 12 more hours of work to be able to pay everything and they are not giving me anymore tasks.

This leaves me approximately $200-$250 short. I currently have a heavy backlog of commissions but I wanted to be able to offer something in return. I am not taking color commissions at this time. 

To see my current commission backlog please CLICK HERE

Commission Details

For now all will be shoulder up, unless you request two characters with a significant height difference. Intricate clothing and armor (like the Grey Warden uniforms) will cost extra. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

Price List:

  • Quicksketch (B&W or Monochromatic): $8, no addition characters available.
  • Black & White Portrait: $16, +$4 for addition characters

I am only offering Black And White commissions due to the complexity of color and the length of time it takes me to complete them.

These could take some time to be complete due to life kicking me in the butt recently. I am dealing with a Dad with Cancer and the recent loss of my aunt, which is one of the reasons I was behind on my regular work hours.

I hope to get through the current list by the end of September unless another tragedy befalls my household.

If you are currently on my commission list and order another commission I will give you a 10% discount.

If you are interested in getting a commission, Please Fill Out This Form

For more examples of my work, please visit my art blog Mena Art

If you are NOT interested in a Commission but are willing to help, I have a Donations button on the front page of my blog. 

Please Signal Boost this if you can.

Signal boost, because she’s a great friend and does beautiful work! Look at this Benedict-based art she did of my OC!

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Sauron takes the “Ice-Bucket Challenge”

It had to happen eventually, so here it is! Promote ALS awareness AND extinguish evil at the same time!


Cumbercupcakes: Congrats Team Sherlock! Well deserved!



I will pretend this is Benedict leaning in to kiss.

Like this






or even


Oh God, I’m crying.

pressure points

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So this just happened.

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Congratulations to Benedict and Martin on their Emmy wins




Quick! Someone join a gif of Sherlock and John doing something silly with the words ‘This show won an emmy.’ or ‘These men won an emmy.’ I NEED IT.


not really john and sherlock and dont know if that’s silly enough but I tried :P


And this is probably a bit more silly-er. But I felt a terrible need to do it…